Monday, April 11, 2016

I am a crazy person

Hello family!

What a week. We have been super busy all week. I don't have a ton of time, so I'll just share some highlights. This week we worked a lot with our ward missionaries. They are mostly new converts, and they are amazing! We went and did some lessons with them all morning on Wednesday. Afterwards, we didn't have any more fixed lessons, but they were so excited that they made us go door to door with them! That's amazing to see. Most of them were baptized in January of this year. As a result, we fixed a bunch of lessons for Saturday, and we went out and worked with them all morning Saturday again. It is much more effective to teach with natives. The investigators feel much more at ease and an invitation to come to church from actual ward members means more than an invitation from a 19 year old white boy.
What else is new... our sector is slowly picking back up. We had more lessons this week, around 22. We also worked with our new converts and will realize some new references from them hopefully this week. We teach maybe 20 percent of the lessons in Tahitian, so that's cool. I still don't really understand anything, but it will come.
Okay, why I am a crazy person: So we worked super hard all week, and by Thursday I was feeling a little tired. Friday morning I felt pretty exhausted, but we had a bunch of scheduled lessons that I didn't want to cancel. When I woke up Saturday I felt very sick, but we had planned to go work with our ward missionaries. So we went anyways. I thought to myself, God will bless me. This will prove how much I am committed to the work. We went and worked all day long. By Saturday night I was so exhausted I could barely walk. I was writing in my journal, and I realized God probably thought I was an idiot haha. It's better to rest when you're not feeling well. Well, as a result, I woke up Sunday morning and there was no way I would go to church, I felt terrible. I got dropped off at the zone leaders house and I slept all day long. At night we went back to our house and I slept until this morning. All in all, that makes about 30 hours straight that I slept. I didn't know that was even possible. I've never slept that long in my whole life. I don't know if I have the dengue (a mosquito carried illness), if I just became overexhausted, or what, but I still feel pretty sick today. A lovely tropical malady. I have a headache and a cough and my muscles are all fatigued. I almost threw up yesterday, but since then I haven't had any nausea. Also, I think I have a fever. I woke up last night completely soaked in sweat, and my entire bed. Everything was completely soaked. I didn't know there was that much water inside of me! Yeah.... yuck. Haha so anyways I have had a fun past few days trying not to die. Pray for my health! We'll see how this week goes, but I imagine it will be much slower because I feel horrible. My plan for p day today is to go home and rest!
On the upside, I have a photo of Elder Langomazino and me! Tuesday night (I think) we were at the mission office waiting for the assistants to go home. They were late, so we were all alone in the office after mission curfew (9pm)! Funny, huh? Then the second photo is of the mountain here. It doesn't really do it justice. Just know that I took the photo from maybe 100ft above sea level, and the mountain is a lot closer than it looks in the photo. You can see the individual trees on the mountain in real life. It is incredibly steep and straight up and down. Cool! I want to hike it one day.

Well that's all for this week! Hope you are all doing well, love and miss you tons! Pray for me!


Elder Barlow

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