Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 4 on Ahe!

Hello family!

This week had ups and downs. But as of last night and this morning I am doing well. This computer in the mini post office works a lot quicker than the other one I was using. I left my camera adaptor at home, but I will try and send pictures next week. 

So on Ahe... today a cruise ship stopped outside the pass (the entrance to the Atoll lagoon) and little boats are bringing lots of tourists through. It's sunny and beautiful! The name of our village is Tonukupara. But everyone just says the village. We get around on bikes that the members lent us. Our house is in the school compound, so every morning we wake up to little kids running in to school. Our house is about 2 minutes away from the ocean in one direction, and 2 minutes away from the lagoon in the other direction. And that's two minutes walking time.

Well, we taught 28 lessons this week and committed "V", one of our investigators, to baptism. I study each morning from the book of Mormon for 30 minutes, and then everything else I study in French (PMG, etc.). The church is true.  Dad, I read in D:C section 20. It is a good section to review the duties of each level of the priesthood (your teachers quorum, etc.).
 I feel your prayers and love, please keep praying for me. I miss you but today I am doing better!

Love you all. Stay righteous and safe

Elder Barlow

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 3 on Ahe....

Hello hello!  I have internet today.  My time is limited, but thank you                for your letters!  Thank you for the prayers and fasting,
I felt it for sure. Things are very difficult still, but I am getting
used to it. If I just have to suffer through 3 months before I learn
the language, so be it.  I love playing b-ball with the members
each p day. They have asked me multiple times if I am joining the NBA
after my mission... hahaha. I have limited time, I'm sorry. I love
hearing from you. I only have time to read a few letters. I have about
30 unread emails, let everyone know I feel their support and will
reply when I have time. So good to hear from you all. Keep praying for me, I send my love.

Elder Barlow

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First Companion & Mission President

Elder Barlow  with Mission President Pierre F. Bize, Elder Gruhn, and Sister Bize.  Elder Gruhn is his trainer and first companion in Tahiti. The second picture is of the group of missionaries who arrived in Tahiti on September 28th.  Elder Barlow is the second one in from the right on the back row.

Monday, October 5, 2015

First Area, AHE, Atoll, French Polynesia


Family. I miss you so much.  The past three days have been the hardest of my life.
Monday night we arrived in Tahiti... it was a long flight. Tuesday we
had some meetings with the mission president then got our companions.
The next few days were on Tahiti, which I liked. But Friday my comp
and I flew to Ahe, a tiny Atoll, to open a new area. Here it is so
isolated. My comp is from Maupiti, another island, and doesn't speak English. No one here speaks English, they mostly speak Tahitian. I don't understand the language
. Please pray for
me. We have taught one lesson over 3 days. I want to tell you so much
more, but apparently the internet here can't handle it. Also my comp is
waiting. Thank you for the photo book, I had a good birthday, the
branch president and his wife made me a cake. Also there are
so many mosquitoes, I probably have 100 bites. Keep me updated on
football, Dad. And please fast, pray, anything. I need the help. They
don't get general conference here, maybe in a few weeks I will get it.
I have pictures I will send when I get internet in a few months. I
miss you all, 
Elder Barlow