Monday, October 5, 2015

First Area, AHE, Atoll, French Polynesia


Family. I miss you so much.  The past three days have been the hardest of my life.
Monday night we arrived in Tahiti... it was a long flight. Tuesday we
had some meetings with the mission president then got our companions.
The next few days were on Tahiti, which I liked. But Friday my comp
and I flew to Ahe, a tiny Atoll, to open a new area. Here it is so
isolated. My comp is from Maupiti, another island, and doesn't speak English. No one here speaks English, they mostly speak Tahitian. I don't understand the language
. Please pray for
me. We have taught one lesson over 3 days. I want to tell you so much
more, but apparently the internet here can't handle it. Also my comp is
waiting. Thank you for the photo book, I had a good birthday, the
branch president and his wife made me a cake. Also there are
so many mosquitoes, I probably have 100 bites. Keep me updated on
football, Dad. And please fast, pray, anything. I need the help. They
don't get general conference here, maybe in a few weeks I will get it.
I have pictures I will send when I get internet in a few months. I
miss you all, 
Elder Barlow

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