Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 3 on Ahe....

Hello hello!  I have internet today.  My time is limited, but thank you                for your letters!  Thank you for the prayers and fasting,
I felt it for sure. Things are very difficult still, but I am getting
used to it. If I just have to suffer through 3 months before I learn
the language, so be it.  I love playing b-ball with the members
each p day. They have asked me multiple times if I am joining the NBA
after my mission... hahaha. I have limited time, I'm sorry. I love
hearing from you. I only have time to read a few letters. I have about
30 unread emails, let everyone know I feel their support and will
reply when I have time. So good to hear from you all. Keep praying for me, I send my love.

Elder Barlow

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