Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Wow! Hi family,

This week was insane. Last Monday was basically not a P Day. I dropped off Elder S in the morning, then we had to do a bunch of stuff en ville, like changing a car tire. By the time I cleaned the house a little and showered, it was already 6pm and time for our family night! It went pretty well, I taught the whole first lesson (by myself) and committed them to read the book of mormon, pray, and get baptized if they find it to be true. The wife is super converted already! She comes to church every week now and I love her! We can't do more lessons with them until next week though because they are super busy preparing the marriage of their son for this weekend.
Tuesday I didn't have a companion. I basically signed off my sector for the week. I dropped off one of our Elders in Faaa because he was transferred out to the Marqueses Islands. Then I stayed with his companion Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. We worked in both his sector (Maraa) and mine (Orofero). I like Elder M, he's cool. We shined shoes together and went for a run and it was great. Wednesday morning we drove back en ville to pick up Elder M's new companion: he's training! It was fun to be at President's house and see all the newbies. They seem so young! Crazy to think that just one year ago that was me and my MTC group.
Wednesday night and all the rest of the week I went with C, our new convert, all day long to work and teach lessons. It was super weird to not have a companion all week. At night I was with the Elders of Vaiatu (who live in our house with us), but I did my planning for the next day all alone, called the shots all alone, etc. In some ways, it was super nice! But in other ways, it was super stressful.
Thursday and Friday we worked pretty hard. C and I went contacting a little bit, and actually found 2 new amis who seem pretty potential. I got a little sunburned for the first time in forever. It was awesome.
Friday I also gave a training in zone meeting. I took over the zone and ran it all by myself this whole week. I'm ready to go back to the Tuamotu islands where there's less responsibilities ;) haha just kidding. But seriously, this week was pretty crazy. Also, the ward asked me to give a talk in church Sunday, so I prepared that on Saturday ("prepared," more like read some scriptures and just went for it on Sunday). Also, there was a missionary themed fireside last night at the stake center. Saturday the grand council member in charge of it called me and was like "the choir who was supposed to sing isn't coming. So the missionaries are going to sing. Prepare 4 hymns." So I got the zone all up to date and everyone came on Sunday to sing. But things got more complicated. Sunday after church we taught some lessons, then went to do our report. But there is no more internet at our chapel. And yesterday the internet didn't work at the stake center. So we had to call a member in the ward of Vaiatu and do the report at their house. And that made us late for the fireside to sing. All our missionaries were in there singing. So basically it was a bunch of crazy situations out of my control that made me super stressed last night and I am just so grateful that today is P Day. Wow.
The good news from this week: Elder N finally got here Saturday night at 5pm. He was all covered in flowers from the members of Takaroa when he got off the plane!
And our faatamaaraa yesterday was amazing. We ate chicken and potatoes, cooked fish (rare here- it's always raw or no fish at all!) which was delicious! rice, pasta, mangoes, papayas, watermelon, bananas, cooked/fried bananas (my new favorite, holy cow they are so good, I'm going to try making some later), chocolate tart and brownies! It was super delicious. Haha. Anyways, today is finally P Day and we already cleaned the whole house this morning and I went on a run, and cleaned the car. And now we have to go downtown (en ville) again to go to the mission office to pick up people's suitcases and stuff. On the way back we'll do our shopping for the day! Can you tell that I'm going looney? Haha. Pray for me, I love you all, the church is true.

Elder Barlow

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