Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Elder J took a picture of me while studying Tuesday morning... that's what a little of our house looks like.

There are little crabs everywhere called "tupa" in Tahitian. One of our amis had us try them.

Hello family!

This week went by really really fast.Some things that I enjoyed this week: our branch did a little branch choir for our branch conference this weekend. We practiced Tuesday night at the chapel. I enjoyed playing the piano for everyone and singing. It was super fun. I love the members here. Basically any branch activity or anytime we get to go hang out with the members, I'm pretty happy. The people here are so open and loving. You can be their best friend super easily.
Another fun experience: Thursday afternoon we biked to Tiva. We had a lesson over there Thursday night. Before our lesson, we stopped by to eat at the H family's house. They are converts from 2001. It was super enjoyable to just eat and listen to their conversion stories. They came in contact with the missionaries through an English class. At first, brother H didn't like the missionaries, but slowly he opened up to lessons. After 9 years (9 years!!!) of lessons, they got baptized. Now they are some of the most solid members in the branch. It's cool to hear them talk about their lives before. The Gospel has completely changed who they are.
We also do an English class here every Saturday night. Usually two member families come. So far no amis have come. But this week no one showed up. Bummer.

This weekend was our branch conference. Some stake leaders came by and it was a really good meeting. Second hour during sunday school we gathered up the amis and new converts and a member of the stake presidency taught the class. It was great. S shared her conversion story and there was a new guy there who seemed touched. We're teaching him tonight at our family night at the C's house. We've talked briefly with him a few times. Saturday night we stopped by his house. He said he had been praying to know where the true church was the day before, and we showed up right after. We invited him to church for the next day and he came with brother C. It's interesting; the Lord seems to respond pretty quickly to his children's prayers when they ask where the true church is. S had been praying too, and within several days we had showed up at her sister's house to play the piano. Cool.

Voilà my week. Time is flying by, I can't believe I come home in 5 months!

 Lots of love,

Elder Barlow

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