Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Pretty view of the bay of Haamene last week after emails. I took this from our chapel.
Saw a cow at Tiva with 4 birds on it's back. By the time I got my camera out there were only 2 birds. But it's still cool. That's Raiatea in the back ground.
 Hello family!

It's May already! So fun! Is it warming up finally back home? Spring and summer are on their way! It's hot and beautiful as always here, although it's finally starting to get a little cooler in the evenings and mornings.
This week went well. It was a pretty normal week, we went around inviting people to our family night at the chapel tonight with President Bize. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were like that. Friday morning we woke up early and biked to the boat for Raiatea at Vaitoare. We boated over for our zone conference with President and Sister Bize. It was fun to see some other missionaries.
Some of the things I liked during all the trainings:
Follow up with your new converts during their whole lifetime.
I represent the Lord here to the people in my sector.
Serving an honorable mission is the goal. To be honorable is to be worthy at all times, regardless of how many baptisms I get.
Just be happy!
A story from Acts 16:9-40. Paul and Silas were instruments in the hands of the Lord in the worst of circumstances. Always be happy, don't lose the vision.
It was a good day. Also, during one of the breaks between formations, we found a good quote on the wall in the nursery room of the chapel: C'est bien d'etre important, mais c'est meilleur d'etre bon. Translation: It's good to be important, but it's more important to be good. I like that.
Afterwards we had our interviews with President Bize. Since he stayed at Raiatea all weekend, he had a little more time to talk. It was nice to talk about things. We planned out the few days he'll be at Tahaa. I don't know how much longer I'll stay here, there's a transfer in 3 weeks, another mini transfer 3 weeks after that, and then one long transfer of 2 months. Then I am home!
Saturday was Stake Conference for the stake of Raromatai. Elder S. Gifford Nielsen of the 70 came for it. He's part of the Pacific Inter-region presidency. He had some great training and talks. What an energetic, inspired guy. He's the one who played QB somewhere (maybe BYU? I think Dad was telling me). He's 6'5". We watched the conference via the internet from our chapel, since he was at Raiatea and we're at Tahaa. Sunday morning was more stake conference.
Sunday afternoon we were biking around when a little red Fiat rental car coming towards us honked at us and pulled over. It was President and Sister Bize! They came over to Tahaa after the conference. Last night (Sunday night) they were at Patio with the two other Elders for a split and then a fireside. Tonight they'll be here with us for a family night at our chapel and then tomorrow we're doing a split. I can't wait! I'm really hoping to be able to touch some investigators. Maybe we'll have some baptisms this week!
Yesterday afternoon we were teaching M, an older Protestant lady who's really close to baptism. Hopefully we can convince her and she'll get baptized soon.
Other fun notes: Elder Nielsen talked about when the First Presidency was changing the mission age. When changing the mission age, their biggest question was "Will this strengthen families?" I found that interesting. Elder Nielsen also talked a lot about hastening the work of salvation and missionary work, etc. 'Twas a good conference.

Hope you're all doing well, talk to you soon!


Elder Barlow

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