Monday, December 28, 2015

Mission stuff

Elder W. and Elder Barlow, Christmas 2015 
Hi family,
Well Mom, you asked for details. Friday (Christmas) morning we had a zone meeting (more like a zone party) until 1. Then we got dropped off at our Bishop's house to skype. He wasn't there. Well, our cell phone didn't have any more minutes so we were stuck and I was hard core stressing because you were all waiting by then. So we walked to the only open store around, a little gas station type store, to buy credit for the cell phone. A random member from Pape'ete asked us if we needed a ride somewhere. He took us to the family's house where I skyped you from. After quickly making my own account (since they didn't have one), I sent you the little message, and then you all skyped me! What a blessing to see your faces. But voilà, a little Christmas miracle in talking to you. Sorry you had to wait.
Okay, what else... Oh Wednesday was our missionary Christmas party. There were probably 100 plus missionaries there, and it was so good to see some of my friends from the MTC. It was the first time I have laughed so hard since leaving the MTC. 
Christmas night all the elders at our house stayed up until midnight playing Risk and eating gingerbread cookies that someone's family sent. After going to bed on time every night, midnight feels SO late! But it was worth it, it made it feel like a Holiday. 
We also engaged an investigator to baptism this week for the 9 of January. Hopefully that goes through. Oh before I forget the family where I skyped from is just some investigators who are really nice and have their baptism and marriage fixed. I actually don't know them that well because they have already received all the lessons and we just stop by once a week or so to check up on them.
On Saturday all our lessons fell through, and it was actually one of my favorite days so far on the mission because I was working. I went tracting! I just went around talking to whoever we saw and going up to houses. I don't know the area, I don't speak the language, but I don't care. I had the gift of tongues and actually tracted into some potential people. We set up lessons for this week. So that's good.
Anyways, tracting... everyone's house here has a big gate out front. So you walk up to the gate and shout out "Iaorana!" (hello) really loud. If people come out and talk to you, voilà. If not, you move to the next house. When people come out, you just say hi, how's it going, how's life, what's your name, we're the missionaries have you heard of us, would you like to hear our message, is there anything we can help you with, thanks for your time, okay, Na na (bye). There you go, my "door approach." We bike a lot and there's a lot of hills in our sector, so I have been eating a lot! I have my appetite back, which is awesome. I lost it there the last week or so on Ahe. I bought cereal and milk today! Woot woot. 

And that's awesome Ethan is going on a mission soon! If the Lord calls him stateside, the only reason it's stateside is because the Lord needs him there at that time, and no one else could do the same job he could do. I believe the Lord's servants are inspired, and I know that revelation is a real thing. The Holy Ghost is real and can actually guide people to certain answers or choices. 

Well, that's about it. It's really really hot and humid today, I sweat a ton this morning at the house. Alma 26:27 gave me some comfort this morning.

I love you all, and miss you tons. Praying for you each day, and I feel your prayers each day. I'm so glad you are all seeing blessings in your lives. Our family is a special one, and I think we have been truly "highly favored of the Lord." Happy new year, this is the last email where I can say "see you in 2 years!" Next week I can say, "see you next year!" Woot woot. Time is a weird thing. It has passed so slowly for me the past 4 months, but also kind of quick sometimes.

Love you all,

Elder Barlow

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