Monday, March 7, 2016

Another week...

French toast in French Polynesia!
Hi family,

This week went by pretty quickly. It's always crazy when I get to Sunday night and realize the next day is P day again. It goes by fast and slow at the same time. This week it rained... less. It still rained quite a bit at night, and sometimes during the day. But not too much, at least compared to the week before. We have two baptisms this coming Saturday: D and H are getting married and H  is getting baptized, and a girl named M is getting baptized. We're excited for that. Also we fixed another baptism for the 26th of March with R, so the work is going pretty well. We have a lot of member references to follow up on this coming week too.

Other fun things: I made French toast one night (super good, it tasted like home!).  Elder Porter and I found some rub on tattoos in an applesauce package he bought. Haha. We told the assistants that they were real tattoos, which is hilarious. We like to tease them. Mine is still on my ankle and it's been almost a week!

Oh yeah, last P Day we ended up going to Mahina, which is the zone two zones away from here. There is a nice beach there with a view looking back at the mountains of Tahiti. Unfortunately the mountains were covered in low clouds, and also no one brought a ball for beach volleyball, so we were standing around and just talking to all the other missionaries there. But I have now officially waded into the ocean here! So that was cool. I want to come back here after my mission sometime, hopefully I will have the means to do that. I really want to go explore Tahiti without any rules or regulations.. haha. Also I want to go back and visit Ahe, now that I can actually speak the language.

The gift of tongues is real! French is coming along nicely. The Tahitian,'s still really hard. I learn a word here and a word there. But I don't ever speak it to anyone. So that stinks. And I don't always have time to study it. It's okay, I will keep working and the gift of tongues will click in eventually.

There you have it, my life in Tahiti. I don't really know what else to update you all on. Hope things are going well at home, it sounds like you all had a fun week.

Love and miss you all,

Elder Barlow

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