Monday, March 14, 2016

Family, hello!
How is America? This week has been up and down, but overall good. To start, because I am so pumped about it, we went hiking this morning! There's a cross up above the quartier called the mission that lights up every night and that you can see from down in the city. So we drove up to it this morning, then it was about a 20 minute hike/jog from the car. And wow that 20 minutes was an awesome workout because I am out of shape! But I was thinking, if I could go hiking every P Day like that then I would totally fall in love with Tahiti super quick. It was beautiful and felt so good to run outside. It was me and our two zone leaders who went, around 6:45 am Tahiti time.

Other fun things this week: I finally convinced Elder Pruett to go running with me on Saturday. Before that, no one in our house would go running with me. Haha. And he loved it, so hopefully we will go a few times a week now. That would help me not be fat! Besides that, I keep doing my push-ups and sit ups and stuff like that.

The missionary work this week was pretty good. I don't really remember anything in particular. We did our normal routine, studies in the morning, then lessons throughout the day. This week it wasn't raining (yay!), which means it was hot and sweaty (not yay...). Saturday was an eventful day. D and H got married in the morning, then H and M were baptized just after noon. I baptized M and Elder Porter baptized H. That was the first time I have ever baptized someone! It was cool, and a little nerve wracking. But it all went well. Then yesterday at church I gave H the gift of the Holy Ghost and Elder Porter gave M the gift of the Holy Ghost. That was even more scary because it was all in French in front of everyone in sacrament meeting. But later we stopped by H's house for her to sign something and she said that she felt the Holy Ghost come into her head and seep down to fill her whole body. Cool! The gospel is true!

As far as studies go, I like the article about light by Larry R. Lawrence in this month's Liahona magazine. He has some really cool insights. Also I read DC 93 and really liked it in French; I'm planning to study it tomorrow in English to make sure I understood everything. Language study with Tahitian is very slow going, but at least it's going. I actually had a dream in Tahitian this week, which was weird and awesome! I told someone there was a man in an airplane in Tahitian. E taata i roto i te manureva or something like that. Haha. Weird, huh? I haven't ever had a dream in French yet.

Well, that's all the fun we had this week that I can think of. Right now we're going to go play basketball at the chapel here at Fariipiti (we do mail in the geneology center here). Glad to hear you are all doing well. I love hearing from home and everyone.

Have a good week, be righteous, etc. etc. haha
Love you, go hiking for me and send me pictures! Is it warm there yet?

Elder Barlow

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