Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Can you believe it is already June?

Hello family!

Can you believe it is already June? I can't believe it has been a whole year since I graduated high school and big bend and seminary! Wow, time flies. Thanks for the letters and pictures! I love hearing all the fun updates on life in the USA.

This week was alright, it went by pretty quickly. Our sector has really slowed down the past two weeks. We need to find new investigators. We did some door to door and contacting again this week, but that doesn't really work. It is terribly inefficient. We ended up with about 20 lessons this week and 0 new investigators. But there is some good news: we had the marriage and baptism for A and J! It was Saturday. They are so ready to be contributing members in the Lord's church. I am proud to have been able to teach and baptize them. After their marriage at the city hall, the wedding party came to the chapel (Saturday just after noon). The Bishop blessed their marriage, and then we had a nice baptism service. I baptized J and a little boy named T who we taught a while ago (now he is 8 years old, but his mom is a member so it counts as a primary baptism). After the baptism, they had some refreshments, cake, etc. and some members of the family did a cool Tahitian dance. It was really nice and an all around good event for everyone. That means that Elder L and I have had 6 convert baptisms together in the past 6 weeks! (7 baptisms together if you count the primary baptism.) Not bad, huh? The Lord is really blessing us with success. All it takes is hard work and the Lord does the rest!

Saturday also happened to be Elder R's birthday. The ward gave him a cake. Then someone gave us cake from the marriage. Then at our Faatamaaraa Saturday night the family ate cake with us and then gave us what we didn't eat (over half of a huge cake). As a result, we have way too much cake at our house! And it's all really good cake too, not just your average cake. We froze some haha. Saturday night the faatamaaraa was actually at a member's house who lives not far from President Bize. So after we left the faatamaaraa with cake in hand, we had the idea to go stop by President's house and offer them some cake! Haha. Since we are always with the assistants, it isn't too scary to go to President's house. We dropped off some cake and spent a few minutes talking with President. It was cool. Their house is really nice, air conditioning and everything. Then we went home.

What else is new... yesterday we had another missionary concert in Arue (just next to Papeete). It was also Fast Sunday. Glad that's over for another month! Haha. But when I was fasting yesterday, I felt like I really had the spirit with me. I was really direct with all our investigators and a lot more serious than normal.  When it comes to the gospel, it is a serious matter, with eternal life hanging in the balance.

That's about all for this week! I don't really have any other news. Oh, since I'm district leader, I do all the baptismal interviews with the investigators that the missionaries in my district teach. This week I did 3 interviews. It is so cool to see the people who are ready for baptism. They have made the necessary changes in their lives and are ready to follow Christ. I love it! People are also really open in interviews, you see into their soul. It gives me hope for the world, there are good people out there who need the gospel.

Today is P Day! We don't have anything planned, so I don't know. Maybe we'll end up playing basketball somewhere. I would love that. Until next week! Miss you guys, have a good week!


Elder Barlow

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