Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last time in June!

Hello for the last time in June!

That actually went by pretty quick.. weird. This week has been good, I don't have a whole lot of news. Tuesday was the baptism for K, our investigator we found tracting in the rain that one day a long time ago. I had the honor to baptize her, it was cool. An additional blessing, we invited a new investigator named J to come to the baptism and he came! And he liked it, and his girlfriend (who is pregnant with their second child together) came too, and she liked it!

The rest of the week continued like normal, lessons, work, etc. Our ward had a "fariiraa" for the senior missionary couple Jones, who finishes in several weeks. They're from England. A fariiraa consists of lots of Tahitian dancing and music and afterwards eating! It was great! I loved it, our ward is awesome! It's starting to feel like home here in Papeete, I know all the members and everything. It was like a normal ward activity back home, only in French and with different faces. Weird, huh? At the end of the fariiraa, the Jones were given a time to share their thoughts, testimonies, etc. Elder Jones doesn't speak French very well, and he called me out of the audience to come translate for him in front of everyone! Yikes! President and Sister Bize were in the audience too, so the pressure was on (they both speak English). But as Elder Jones started talking and I translated, the words came naturally and I realized I speak French! Weird... the gift of tongues is real! Afterwards I realized I made several little errors technically, but whatever, everyone understood the message.

Yesterday after church, we went to do a missionary concert in Mahina. It was okay. Except I got a little bit of a cold or something because after singing I lost my voice! This morning my voice is all growly and deep and people probably think I am a bear. Haha. Plus, I no longer speak English. Elder P left Saturday night and his replacement is Elder F, a Tahitian. So now at our house it is two Tahitians, one Frenchman, and me! Bye bye English.

That's about all I can think of that is new... later today we might go do a short hike or something, it's sunny outside today. Other things you want to know? Sorry if this letter seems informal, I'm tired and don't feel like writing all professionally today. Missionary life is good overall, sometimes a little long, sometimes the same thing over and over. But the rewards are worth it!

Oh a side note: remember A and J, our new converts? They are super active and awesome, etc. They got their patriarchal blessings this weekend, and we have been teaching their daughter and she is so excited for her baptism this Saturday! She is already preparing to serve a mission next year, I am astounded at how prepared she was. She has learned almost completely the scriptures and church culture and church doctrine in just one week! What?! Amazing. The investigators like that make life so good. Why isn't everyone else like that? Voilà my week.
It was fun to hear from all of you! Stay righteous and keep praying for me!

Love you all,

Elder Barlow

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