Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August again!

Hi family!

This week we worked pretty hard. Time flew by. Monday night after P Day I had to do zone leader stuff. We had a family night at a member's house, but we also had to go pick up some missionaries from the airport. So we did a split with the missionaries of Vaiatu (who live at the same house as us) and I drove to the airport to pick up a missionary who is now serving in our zone. I felt weird. I never imagined that one day I would be driving around Tahiti in a stick shift truck, speaking French, familiar with the airport, parking, roadways, etc. Crazy where life leads, huh?

The rest of the week we went and visited members, tried to find investigators, the normal stuff. We scheduled the marriage of one of our investigators and his baptism the week after (beginning of September), and another investigator normally gets baptized next week. So the sector is starting to pick up. The bad news is none of the investigators we're teaching made it to church yesterday. It's a constant struggle. That's about how most of the week went.

Saturday morning was wonderful.
Background: so while I was still in Papeete we had been teaching a lady, the sister of K (my new convert who we found tracting in the pouring rain). So we taught S and her husband a little bit. They were interested, but afraid to change.  After I left Papeete, Elder L and Elder P kept teaching the husband and their little daughter. It turns out they fixed their baptisms for yesterday, Saturday. I was invited, since I had taught the family a lot, but we had a lesson so we weren't planning on going. Friday night, our lesson called and canceled. Saturday morning, we asked the assistants for permission to leave the zone and go to Papeete for the baptism. They said yes. I sent a text to Papeete 2 that we were coming. Elder L then promptly called me and asked if I wanted to baptize S! Friday night Elder P and L asked her if she wanted to get baptized the next day with her husband and daughter. She was ready, so they made it happen and wanted me to baptize her, so it worked out perfectly that our lesson had been cancelled! I was excited Saturday morning to go back to Papeete for the 2 baptisms, but when I got the phone call from L saying it was 3 baptisms, I was ecstatic! I hung up and then just yelled at the top of my lungs "yes!!!!" I gathered up my white clothing and a towel, and we booked it for Papeete. I was able to see all my new converts and all the ward members that I love. It was awesome! And the baptismal service was so great. Elder L baptized  the little girl; I baptized  the mom; Elder P baptized the dad. It was great! I love that ward and that sector so much. We have to go visit. It's right next to downtown Papeete, and the temple is next to the chapel, so if we ever come visit as a family, we'll surely stop by. Anyways, it was a wonderful event that happened tout d'un coup. (don't know what to say in Engish... "all of a sudden" or "just like that (with a snap of the fingers).") I was so grateful to be the instrument in the hand of the Lord that blessed that particular family. What a blessing.

Saturday afternoon was work as normal, and yesterday was a normal fast Sunday. Our zone is doing better, and I think our sector is on its way up. We found a cute little girl who was at her friend's house (a member). We taught her a lesson and gave her a book of Mormon. We found out that her mom is an inactive member we had tracted into three weeks ago. So we went and talked with her mom. She said she is totally okay with us teaching and baptizing her daughter, as long as it's what her daughter wants to do. So that was great! I'm again grateful to be the medium that brings the truth of the gospel to people. It is such a blessing. We'll teach the daughter again this week and invite her to be baptized in two or three weeks. The sector is on it's way up!

Thank you for all the prayers and support, I felt it this week! I love and miss you all, hope you have a great week!

Avec beaucoup d'amour,

Elder Barlow

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