Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Seen some little miracles...

Hi Family,
     The branch here is small, perhaps 80 members with 20 or 30 active. There are not many youth; they are all on Tahiti for school. Yes mom I sleep on a pad thing with a mosquito net. Our house isn't bad, we have a fridge and an oven and a sink. And it's made of wood, not grass or anything haha.
     There are 300 people or so on Ahe; tiny, I know.  I'm on the opposite side of the Atoll as the airport.  Maybe you can find it on Google Maps.  We have running water, but it's not drinkable.  We have to buy all our water in bottles.  Also, the shower is cold!  No hot water here.  For breakfast I usually heat up water on the stove, add chocolate powder & dehydrated milk powder & sugar, and add biscuit/cracker things.  It's pretty good.  I wake up at 6:30am. each day & work out.  Then from 7-8 am we shower/prepare and eat breakfast.  Then we either study or teach lessons.  Did I mention we opened this area?  There haven't been missionaires on Ahe since the Spring.  People here are so open.  It's a different world.  Also, the people feed us well each night.  Always there is rice and meat or fish.
     The language is very difficult.  I can't understand most people's French here.  They talk very fast and with an accent.  A lot of Tahitian is spoken, too.  So I don't understand much.  The weather here is very hot and humid.  The humidity made all my books curl up a little.  My scriptures are all warped- but that is okay.  I have very tan arms and a tan face.   On P-day we go out fishing with members on boats.  Last week I burned my feet really bad because I forgot to put on sunscreen  Now they're just really tan.
     I've seen some little miracles since I've been here.  One day, we had no food for breakfast and I was starving.  I read in Alma during my personal study a scripture about the Lord providing clothing/food etc. to the sons of Mosiah.  Minutes later, an investigator stopped by and dropped off some sandwiches.  A coincidence, at 8:30 am?  I think not.  So that was really cool.
     President Bize is awesome. Friday President Bize came to Ahe for about 3 hours total. He met with us, his missionaries, for about 15 minutes each.  It was great to meet with him.

Anyways, miss you all tons.  Please pray for me and be righteous and safe!

Elder Barlow

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