Thursday, November 5, 2015

Power out on the Island...

Hi family! Hopefully you are not too worried about me. The week went well until last Friday or so. Then we lost power on the island. Luckily some people have solar power for backup, like our Branch president, but in our house no power means no running water. So the weekend was really hard. I showered by hand with water from a bucket and then shaved without running water. It is an experience of the mission! Elder Gruhn and I started singing and playing the guitar one morning and making up our own songs. I sang about how God must favor mosquitoes.  That made him laugh. So we are becoming friends.
This week we got power back. It is very hot here. Always. We sleep out on our terrace, or porch, because it's too hot. Weird that its cold in America.
Well, the language continues to come slowly. Last night at our dinner appointment a member told me he thinks I am starting to speak better. That was encouraging to hear. Also, I have a scripture for Dr. Feller: 2 Nephi 24:8. Other scriptures during the week that I really liked: 3 Nephi Chapters 8 9 and 10 helped me realize I have it pretty good here. Then in Mark 10:28 to 30 I love the promises. And also 3 Nephi 13:31 to 34 is comforting for me. I never know where my next meal will come from. Haha
Anyways, things are still very difficult, but I am doing okay. It's a blessing to say that. Thank you for the prayers, I can feel them. Thank you for the emails too. I love hearing updates on everyone and everything...
Everyone, stay righteous and happy and safe.
à lundi,

Elder Barlow
​Selfie after our first lesson together in the field. I totally am looking like a Pedersen in this photo :) Oct. 4

Birthday Cake!  Oct. 3

My birthday cake. That is our Branch President.

 Haha!  Here is a mosquito I killed. They are bigger and thicker here than in Tahiti or America. yikes.

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