Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Big news this week

Hi family,

Saturday was a really good day with lots of lessons. Now the big news: Saturday night we were in bed already. After 10:30 (our bedtime), the assistants called. And guess who is getting transferred? Me! I was shellshocked! I thought I would stay at Tavararo for the next 6 months. An average missionary here has about 5 sectors on his mission, and now I am already at my third one! Yeah, that was weird. So, now I am in Pape'ete 2, which is basically downtown Pape'ete. My house is right next to the chapel/stake center at Farepiti, and I guess President and Sister Bize are in my ward. And our sector is actually the same sector as the assistants, but they're busy enough with other stuff that they need another companionship in the same sector. So my new companion is named Elder Porter. He's an American. Our new sector is on foot, no more biking. Apparently the ward here is a well oiled machine. One time the missionaries got over 60 references from members in one week! So I will be extremely busy (I hope!). Anyways, when I got the news Saturday night I was extremely sad to leave the Pamatai house. It was so much fun every night with my zone leaders, Elder Stafford and Elder Sorenson. Also, yesterday after church we engaged two more people to baptism. So there is a baptism fixed for every single weekend in February in Tavararo, and I am leaving! Oh well, God will still bless me. But I was bummed to leave right when our sector was exploding!  I am now in my new sector (as of an hour or so ago), so I don't really know much about it yet. Okay, we're going shopping right now, so I'll tell you about it next week!

Love you all,

Elder Barlow

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