Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fresh Food!

Hey family!

It was great to hear from you! How's the winter weather? This past week has been kind of hot here! Well, things are the same here this week. I don't really have any cool stories or anything to report. We taught some lessons, we have a baptism fixed for Saturday and a few more for February. I feel really really comfortable speaking French now. Most of the time I understand everything in conversations. But it's still hard when there's long talks and stuff at church. That's hard in English to listen and understand everything, let alone French with Tahitian! Haha. I started studying Tahitian maybe 2 weeks ago, including reading the Book of Mormon in Tahitian. I look up all the words I don't know. Since that is about every other word, it takes a long time to read. I am now in 1 Ne. chapter... 1! Verse 16 or so haha. Slow going, but it's good stuff!

Our sector is doing okay. There are a lot of big hills, and we are on bikes. In fact, I stopped gaining weight in a bad way. If you all saw me now, you wouldn't consider me skinny, just normal. But combine normal with 6'4" and I probably look pretty darn huge to the people here. Haha. Weird. So I discovered there are huge bags of frozen broccoli at the store here. It makes for the perfect snack. Just microwave a big bowl of broccoli for 10 minutes and you have a healthy, yummy, filling snack! Also, I enjoyed buying apples and oranges and carrots this week. And I discovered an Australian cereal called Wheat Bix, which is probably even healthier than those nasty multi grain flakes we buy back home! Haha. Basically wheat bix are bricks of wheat flakes. But with the bananas here, it's pretty darn good. So I'm feeling pretty good health wise.

This morning for p-day we played basketball with some other missionaries. It was fun and felt good to run! Then we went shopping. I bought a ton of food for the week, cereal, milk, fruit and vegetables, etc. Also, the grocery store we go to is in a mall thing. They have a smoothie shop, so I got a smoothie and it was soooo good! I miss my smoothies. When I get home, I just want to eat a smoothie with all of you and go for a walk! Haha

Nothing else is really new. Tonight we have two family nights with investigators, so we'll probably do a split to be able to teach them both. The gift of tongues is real. Thank you all for your prayers and fasts and everything. I feel the help. I think of you all often. I've really come to realize that nothing matters except family. Yes Dad, even my estate with your gardener house on it. Haha. It's good to dream big, but it's the little things that bring the happiness. And I have also realized how blessed I am to be here on this mission. I am going to see so many blessings from this throughout my life. I just have to push through the hard times. I like to think that you are all a part of my mission also, because you are thinking of me and I'm thinking of you. It's like you're here beside me helping me when it gets tough. Anyways, I'm done being all sentimental and stuff. I love you tons and miss you too! Enjoy your cold snowy weather!


Elder Barlow

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